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“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only...

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<span>Prices & Packages</span>

Prices & Packages

Join Hayley for exclusive personal training and mentoring, tailored for men and women!

Transform your body with a 6-Week Package that includes everything need from personalised training sessions, exercise and nutrition plans, 24/7 support through to a VIP Escape for the ultimate holiday transformation.

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Hayley Biddle

Hayley Biddle

Meet Hayley Biddle, a lifelong fitness and nutrition guru who walks the talk.

She always had dreams of somehow making fitness her career, and now she’s come full circle, achieved that dream, and makes her living by making other people’s fitness goals a reality.

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I would highly recommend Hayley if you want to transform yourself and your life!!!

Alison Brown

Well, what can I say!

I absolutely loved the whole experience so much that I would do it all over again. I would highly recommend Hayley if you want to transform yourself and your life!!!

Thank you Hayles, love your work, Al Brown xxx

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How do I express to you what you have done for me. I don’t think I have the vocabulary.

Mel Henwood

Hayley you have taught me so much, not only the nutrition and exercise. You have taught me to be a better me, a happier me, and definitely a skinnier me.

I will be forever in your debt for this.

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I have been inspired by your brilliance and passion!

Liz Sumner

I have absolutely no regrets and have loved every second, every tear and every bit of torture you have handed me. I am eternally grateful to have met you and been inspired by your brilliance and passion. I am blessed to have you as my trainer and now my dear beautiful friend. I don’t know if words can truly explain how you have touched my life and healed my soul.

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Hayley has changed my life and is the most inspiring, motivating and caring person I have ever come across!

Endessa Schrader

My journey started with Hayley after 3 failed IVF attempts and two miscarriages. I was eating for comfort to counteract the feeling of failure and hurt from not falling pregnant. I got to the point that I wasn’t wanting to go out … It was time for me to get my mind and body healthy and happy once and for all!

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Whatever your goal, Hayley will get you there. Whatever your dream, she will help you turn that into a reality.

Tracey Rawson

If you are serious about getting results, reaching your goals or even fullfilling your dreams, Hayley Biddle The Body Sculptor is the woman to see!!! I have been training with and following Hayley’s nutrition plans for a few months now, and couldn’t be happier with the results we have achieved.

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You are my motivation … just seeing you makes me want to go to the gym …


You have helped me so much and I cant thank you enough. You’re an amazing person and I would recommend you to everyone! If they wanted to get fit and healthy, you would be the first person that would come to mind. You are just simply amazing!

Every time I want to give up I just think no, because one day, if I keep working, I will have a good body like yours.

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